Order Picking – Optimization and Innovation at the Heart of Logistics

Order picking plays a central role in logistics and is crucial for the efficiency and speed of supply chains. In this article, you will learn what order picking exactly entails, how it functions, and which methods and technologies can contribute to optimizing this process.


What is Order Picking?

Order picking refers to the process of gathering specific items from a total inventory to fulfill customer orders. This step is particularly important in warehouse and distribution centers and directly influences customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the supply chain.

Various Methods of Order Picking

There are different methods of order picking, which are used depending on the type and size of the warehouse and the nature of the goods. These include:


Individual Picking: Selecting one item per order.

Batch Picking: Processing several orders simultaneously.


Wave Picking: Picking in predetermined time windows.

Technologies in Order Picking

Digitalization and automation have also made their way into order picking. Modern technologies such as pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, or even robotic picking are used to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the process.

Challenges and Solutions in Order Picking

Challenges in order picking include minimizing errors, optimizing paths, and increasing picking performance. Solutions such as improved warehouse layout planning, employee training, and the use of supportive technology can provide relief.

The Future of Order Picking

The future of order picking looks promising, with further advances in automation and the use of AI to optimize processes.


Order picking is a crucial factor for efficiency in logistics. By applying the right methods and technologies, companies can optimize their processes and thus increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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