Pick-by-Light is an advanced technology in the world of logistics, aimed at optimizing order picking processes and minimizing errors. In this article, you will learn how Pick-by-Light works, the benefits it offers, and why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern warehouses and distribution centers.


What is Pick-by-Light?

Pick-by-Light is an optical order picking system that uses light signals to indicate to warehouse staff the exact locations and quantities of items to be picked. This system is particularly efficient in environments where speed and accuracy are crucial.

How Pick-by-Light Works

In a Pick-by-Light system, LED lights are installed at storage locations. When an order is processed, the corresponding LEDs light up to show the warehouse staff where and how many items need to be picked. After picking, the employee confirms the action, often by pressing a button at the storage location.

Benefits of Pick-by-Light

Implementing Pick-by-Light in your warehouse offers numerous advantages:


Increased Efficiency: Visual guidance speeds up the order picking process.

Error Reduction: Clear indication minimizes the likelihood of mistakes.

Easy Integration: Pick-by-Light systems can be easily integrated into existing warehouse management systems.

Improved Ergonomics: Employees benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly method of working.

Applications of Pick-by-Light

Pick-by-Light is suitable for a variety of warehouse environments, especially where a high variety of items and rapid throughput are required, such as in e-commerce fulfillment, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

Future Perspectives of Pick-by-Light

With the ongoing digitalization and automation in logistics, Pick-by-Light systems are expected to gain further importance and become even more efficient through integration with other technologies such as AI and robotics.


Pick-by-Light is a key technology in modern warehousing and order picking. It offers an efficient, error-free, and user-friendly solution that boosts productivity and improves work quality. Investing in a Pick-by-Light system can make a significant difference in the performance of your warehouse.

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