Fulfillment in perfection using this example for deliveries from China:

1 Your supplier in e.g. China produces the goods for you:

We always keep an eye on your production and inform you about the status or when you can expect the goods.

CSI China Network
CSI China Network

2 We organize the transport according to your specifications:

We order the transport space for you. Either fast air freight or cheap ocean freight. In the meantime, however, there are also alternative transport routes, such as by train, available.

CSI Network
CSI Network

3 We take care of everything else:

Regardless of whether it concerns export or import licenses, the determination of the correct customs duty, customs clearance in Germany, storage and distribution to your customers, including your delivery note and invoice. All from a single source.

No logistic limits
No logistic limits

CSI Warehousing
CSI Warehousing

4 storage from just EUR 10.00 per week!




We take care of your short-term storage professionally. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We also make disposal, pick-up of all kinds and deliver your stored goods again


on schedule with you.

personal German delivery address
personal German delivery address

5 Your own delivery address:




At CSI-Fulfillment you will receive a personal German delivery address. You can have your online purchases sent to you conveniently. We store them for as long as you like. You either pick up yourself or we deliver your goods wherever you want.


Here special attention to:


  • Your product liability
  • Your delivery times
  • Warehousing in Germany
  • Delivery note and invoicing to your customers
  • Fast and cheap shipping to your customers
  • Your customers can send them back to our warehouse
  • Preparation of the returns
  • Insurance

Your contact is welcome: +49 89 9733 044 10

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