Customs China

Navigating trade between Germany and China

Trade between Germany and China has increased steadily in recent years. Companies that import goods from China have to deal with “China Customs” in order to successfully bring their products to Germany. “Customs from China” can be complex, but with the right know-how and support from CSI-International Logistics, this process is significantly simplified.

Understanding China-Germany Customs

The “Customs China Germany” refers to the customs fees and procedures that apply when importing goods from China to Germany. These regulations are intended to promote fair trade practices and ensure the safety and quality of imported goods.

Important aspects of China-Germany customs:

Tariff Classifications: Each product has a specific tariff number that determines which duties apply.

Rules of origin: Products must meet certain criteria to be recognized as originating from China.

Import sales tax: In addition to customs duties, import sales tax is due when importing into Germany.

Customs challenges from China

Various challenges can arise when "Customs from China" including:


 Regulatory Changes: Customs regulations are subject to change, requiring ongoing monitoring and adjustment.

Documentation requirement: Accurate and complete documentation is crucial to avoid delays.

Quality controls: Compliance with German standards must be ensured in order to prevent problems at customs.

CSI-International Logistics: Your expert for China-Germany customs

CSI-International Logistics specializes in handling “customs from China”. We offer you:


Professional customs advice: Our experts are familiar with the current customs regulations and will provide you with comprehensive advice.


Efficient customs clearance: We ensure quick and problem-free customs clearance of your imports from China.


Risk management: We help you minimize risks and ensure compliance.


The “China Customs” is an essential part of trade with China. With CSI-International Logistics you can master the complexity of “customs from China” and import your goods into Germany efficiently and in compliance with the law. Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you optimize your import processes.

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