Order picking

Order picking is a key process in logistics and warehousing that has a direct impact on efficiency and customer satisfaction. At a time when speed and accuracy are crucial, modern picking techniques can provide a significant competitive advantage.

What is order picking?

Picking is the process of collecting goods from an overall assortment according to customer orders. The process typically involves locating and removing products from the warehouse, putting them together and preparing them for dispatch. The challenge is to make this process fast, error-free and cost-efficient.

The importance of order picking for logistics

Efficient order picking is crucial for logistics performance. It has a direct impact on delivery times, the quality of order fulfillment and end customer satisfaction. Picking errors can result in incorrect deliveries, which not only lead to dissatisfaction, but also cause additional costs for returns and new deliveries.

Modern picking methods

Pick-by-light: Visualization of the items to be picked using light signals, which speeds up picking and reduces errors.


Pick-by-voice: Use of voice recognition technology, in which order pickers receive instructions via headsets, freeing up their hands and eyes for the actual task.


Pick-by-vision: Use of data glasses that display information directly in the order picker's field of vision, enabling intuitive and efficient order picking.


Automated picking systems: Robots and automated conveyor systems take over the picking and transportation of goods, which relieves employees and speeds up processes.

Challenges and solutions

The biggest challenges in order picking are minimizing errors and increasing speed. By using technology and continuously optimizing processes, companies can overcome these challenges. The warehouse management system (WMS), which coordinates all movements in the warehouse and ensures seamless processing, plays a key role here.


Order picking is a decisive factor for success in logistics. By integrating modern technologies and methods, companies can optimize their processes, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. In a world where the demands on logistics are constantly growing, the continuous improvement of order picking processes is a must for any forward-looking company.

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