Import - Guide*


Our recommendation to you is: Arrange the condition "FOB" (Free on Board) in your purchase contract. Then the seller bears the costs up to the port of departure or departure airport. For example, "FOB Shanghai Airport". There are a few other agreements. These can be found under the term Incoterms on the Internet.




The poster shown above, with risk and cost transfer from the seller to the buyer, you can order free of charge from us.



You tell the seller your decision about your Freight-Forwarder. Best course CSI :-). The forwarder and your supplier then coordinate the collection and transport. If you do not, your supplier will suggest or select a carrier. But that is not recommended, because then you have little influence on the transport costs that you have to pay.




For shipments under 100 kg, we recommend a parcel service, or express service and not to choose a freight forwarder. ,

Air vs Seafreight

It all depends on the weight that needs to be transported. Below 1000 kg we would advise against sea freight. Although the mere freight costs are lower, you will have to expect a higher insurance premium, a week-long transport time from Asia, and you will need more expensive packaging.


We also offer a cheap economy service for both transport routes.


We also deliver directly to Amazon. Simply upload the label and off you go.


The goods must accompany a packing list and commercial invoice. Some sellers may try to persuade you to discount the commercial invoice, as the trader will save export fees. You absolutely have to refuse. On the one hand, this would be a false report to the customs and on the other you get in the insurance case, of course, only the lower value of goods replaced.


It is advisable to have test reports from an accredited testing laboratory confirming that this product complies with the applicable requirements so that it can be imported into the EU.


Be sure to take out a transport insurance. You can get them through us, on many transports you can also take out a global insurance. All larger companies offer such insurance.

Tax & Duty

Any product imported into Germany from third countries will be duty-paid here.



The amount of the customs duty is shown in the tariff. You can see this online. The goods are assigned to a specific customs tariff number. Please contact your local customs office for further information and information.



In addition to the customs duty, the so-called import turnover tax (19%) is due. If you resell the goods, you can deduct them again. Before that, you should have a so-called EORI number (form 0870) assigned by customs. for you to be registered.


The Asian suppliers often want to have an upfront payment. Of course, that depends entirely on your negotiating skills. As a result, you naturally take some risk, which you can not minimize with a purchase agreement. Furthermore, plagiarism and counterfeit certificates are in circulation.


Inform yourself about the green dot.


Avoid, due to the o.g. Themes imports generally from electrical goods,

Dangerous goods. You can find information here

Batteries / battery

Branded goods of clothing and cosmetics

Toy without CE marking



If the customs are rejected, the goods must either be returned or destroyed at your expense.

Regarding the packaging, you must note that there are special regulations for shipping. We recommend the packaging on a pallet. There are e.g. Plastic pallets which are harmless and wooden pallets which have been fumigated / treated and have an IPPC stamp. (International Plant Protection Convention / ISPM 15)

* All information provided is without guarantee of completeness and accuracy.